A copy of the DBA v2.2 rules are required to play, which can be purchased on-line in two-formats from Lulu.Com.





v2.2+ is a set of player and tournament-tested modifications to the DBA 2.2 rules for ancient and medieval wargaming with miniatures. The associated documents are the V2.2+ Line Edits and the V.2.2+ Playsheet.  Experienced players of v2.2 will want to focus on the playsheet, which is a short-form representation of the changes.  New players will benefit from the Unofficial Guide to DBA, which has been updated to 2.2+.

Design Philosophy

To make the best game possible. While this seems simple and straightforward, there is still necessary constraint. We wanted to make sure that v2.2+ provides a gaming experience that continues to feel like DBA. We have shied away from changes that alter the basic mechanisms and pacing of the game or that would impinge on the author's copyrights.

Who We Are

V2.2+ was generated through extensive discussion and play-testing by a large group of tournament organizers and GMs; people who have run tournaments and campaigns and supported the DBA community throughout the last decade, and who are invested in its continued support in the future. Participants include:

  • Alan Ferrency - Pennsylvania, USA
  • Blake Radetzky - Texas, USA
  • Chris Brantley - Maryland, USA
  • Chris Pagano - South Carolina, USA
  • David Crenshaw - Tennessee, USA
  • David Kuijt - Maryland, USA
  • David Schlanger - Maryland, USA
  • Filippo Simoncini - Firenze, Italia
  • Jack Sheriff - Virginia, USA
  • Jon-Michel Seman - Pennsylvania, USA
  • Larry "Lobotomy" Chaban - Pennsylvania, USA
  • Marcus Tregenza - Adelaide, South Australia
  • Mark Pozniak - New York, USA
  • Maureen Reddington-Wilde - Massachusetts, USA
  • Paul Potter - Kentucky, USA
  • Rich "Diceman" Baier - Pennsylvania, USA
  • Richard Gause - Florida, USA
  • Robert Runnels - California, USA
  • Roland Fricke - Connecticut, USA
  • Ron Giampapa - New York, USA
  • Stephen Webb - Sydney, Australia
  • Terence McPartland - Washington DC, USA
  • Tony Aguilar - Florida, USA
  • William Michael - Ontario, Canada


Feedback and playtest reports may be posted on the Fanaticus Forum, on the DBA yahoo group, or sent to us directly at WADBAG@gmail.com.

New and Notable

Two Davids Productions has released "Embattled Isle," the first of their scenario book series specifically designed for v2.2+


The Unofficial Guide to DBA has
been updated to reflect the
 V2.2+ modifications.


  Litko Aerosystems is offering measurement tools supporting DBA 2.2+, including a 15mm-Scale MU Ruler, a 15mm Scale MU Gauge, and a 25mm MU Ruler.


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